What companies have said about our process:

  • DHL '. . . a process which is both logical and pragmatic'.
  • Xerox (UK) '. . . a challenging, but very rewarding, experience'.
  • Guardian Insurance '. . . a framework which allows the creation of individually tailored segmentation models put in a practical manner'.
  • British Airways '. . . it offers the kind of practical application needed in today's intensely competitive marketplace'.

What our process has delivered:

  • GB£28 million realized in 10 months — ITC office equipment manufacturer
  • AU$180 million (6%) forecast gain over 12 months — mobile phones division
  • Margins increased by 8% — chemical company (market regarded as commoditized)
  • Sales opportunities increased by 30% — hi-tech medical equipment manufacturer
  • EU€650 million market opportunity uncovered, three times the size of their current market – financial services company
  • US$20 million profit improvement opportunity — manufacturer of non-metallic mineral products (regarded as commoditized) just breaking even

Business sector experience

We do not claim to know as much as you do about your particular business sector, we trust that you have enough of this expertise residing in your own organization's people and do not require any more. What we bring is an expertise in segmentation which, when combined with your own business sector knowledge, will uncover how the customers in your market split into segments. At the core of our process is the toolkit for understanding customers and their buying criteria. It therefore does not have any business sector boundaries.

Segmentation assignments include projects in:

Agriculture IT Software
Air Transport Medical Equipment
Alcoholic Drinks Medical Supplies
Building Products Motor Transport
Business Information Services Office Equipment
Charities/Not-for-Profit organizations Office Supplies
Chemicals and Chemical products Packaging
Consultancy Services Petroleum Products
Courier Services Pharmaceuticals
Electrical Equipment Postal Services
Energy Publishing
Engineering Products Regulatory Authorities (Govt)
Facilities Management Soft Drinks
Financial Services Telecommunications
IT Hardware Water Supplies

Geographic experience

Market segmentation projects have been conducted both in the UK and internationally including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Far East, the Middle East, South Africa and mainland Europe. Our approach does not have any geographic (or business sector) boundaries.