Overview of our approach

We have taken the mystery out of segmentation so that your company can develop a usable segmentation structure that delivers real benefits to your customers, your business and, ultimately, your shareholders.

The most effective basis for segmentation

Our approach looks at how the market is segmented from the customer's perspective. It is based on the simple belief that the most effective basis for successful segmentation is a detailed understanding of the criteria used by customers when choosing between competing products and services. We follow a fully documented process supported, when required, by specialist research and software.

Determining which segments are best for you

Once the segments have been uncovered we work with your company to determine which segments you are best suited to target and what strategies you need to adopt in order to win and retain the customers found in your chosen segments. By linking this to an analysis of segment profitability we ensure segmentation becomes a major contributor to shareholder value.

Providing essential input for the business

The customer insights gained from our approach provide essential input into your sales and marketing strategy, customer acquisition and retention programmes (including CRM), channel strategy, e-commerce plans, product and service development and, in turn, your company's corporate strategy.